Our favourite Registers

We love all Registers, but that doesn't mean we can't have favourites! These Registers all have active maintenance, are high-quality and are well-designed - everything a great Register should be!

  • Country register

    British English names and descriptive terms for countries as recognised by the UK government

  • Gov Cat register

    A register of UK government cats Licence: CC-BY-4.0 Original blogpost: https://medium.com/hackernoon/gov-cats-f143d4a7407b (note this version of the data is published in registers.app, it's also still available in Github via Octopub.io as per original publication)

  • Government Organisation register

    Government departments, agencies or teams that exist on GOV.UK

Custodian Spotlight: Mark Coram

In the first of our spotlight series on custodians, Mark Coram from MHCLG gives us some tips on managing important data and explains some subtleties in keeping his Local Authority Name and Local Authority Type Registers up to date.

Official UK Government Registers

UK Government departments and agencies publish their most important and re-useable data as Registers.

Registers with locations

Registers.app makes it easy to display and use location data contained in Registers. All of these Registers have location identifiers that can be shown on a map and in different coordinate systems.

New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations (NANDO)

The European Commission maintains a list of organisations that have been designated to carry out conformity assessments for a specific legislation. This might include safety checks on toys or home appliances. These Registers are pulled from the NANDO online database. The data collected is copyright European Union, 1995-2019.

  • Body register

    Organisations that, having fulfilled the relevant requirements, are designated to carry out conformity assessment according to specific legislation.

  • Body Type register

    Types of body defined by NANDO.

  • Legislation register

    EU product harmonisation legislation - can be in the form of a Directive, a Regulation or a Decision.