Registers are for everybody

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  • Everything in Community and…
  • Instantly create unlimited private Registers
  • Collaborate with your team with multiple maintainers per Register
  • Team members can create draft changes to Registers for you to review
  • Access powerful analytics to understand who’s using data and how


  • Everything in Pro and…
  • Eight teams of Register maintainers
  • Branded with your organisation's logo and livery
  • Served from your organisation's custom domain
  • Integration with your organisation's single sign on solution
  • Audit every change to data with complete, transparent verifiable logs.
  • Serviced support tickets Mon-Fri 8am-6pm


  • Everything in Business and…
  • Deploy to your private cloud
  • Up to unlimited teams of maintainers
  • Access to in-house training
  • Custom integration with downstream APIs
  • Custom workflows for authoring Register data
  • Up to 24/7 support
Custom price for you


  • Instantly create unlimited public Registers
  • Create and update records with our simple interface
  • Create unlimited collections of Registers
  • Q&A support via StackOverflow
  • Access all open data easily via API, RSF or spreadsheet
  • Quickly create pickers and Open Permits from Registers
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