Approved Open Standard Guidance register

Guidance defining open standards approved for government technology

Approved-Open-Standard-Guidance Name Approved-Open-Standards Website Start-Date End-Date
Guidance related to an open standard that has been approved for use in government technology. The commonly-used name of a record. Open standards that has been approved by government technology. The website for a record. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
101 Date-times and time-stamps approved-open-standard:1001 2018-01-31
102 Open contracting data approved-open-standard:1002 2018-01-31
103 International development data approved-open-standard:1003 2018-01-31
104 Publishing vacancies approved-open-standard:1004 2018-01-31
105 Multi agency incident transfer approved-open-standard:1005 2018-01-31
106 Exchange of location point approved-open-standard:1006approved-open-standard:1007 2018-01-31
107 Country codes approved-open-standard:1008 2018-01-31
108 Language tags approved-open-standard:1009 2018-01-31
109 Cross platform character encoding profile approved-open-standard:1010approved-open-standard:1011 2018-01-31
110 Persistent resolvable identifiers approved-open-standard:1012approved-open-standard:1013 2018-01-31
111 Sharing or collaborating with government documents approved-open-standard:1014 2018-01-31
112 Viewing government documents approved-open-standard:1015approved-open-standard:1016approved-open-standard:1017 2018-01-31
113 Exchange of contact information approved-open-standard:1018 2018-01-31
114 Exchange of calendar events approved-open-standard:1019 2018-01-31