Simple and usable data management for everyone

It's easy

Registers can hold any data and are easy to create and manage using our spreadsheet interface.

Get the simplicity and control of a spreadsheet with the power and scale of a database.

Collect high-quality data

Our built-in picker tools and custom workflows help to prevent mistakes and increase data quality.

Eradicate errors and prevent low-quality data before it happens.

Unlimited storage

Create and share as many Registers as you want.

All of our plans enable you to store an unlimited number of Registers, so why not get cracking now!

Keep yourself and others up-to-date

Use it everywhere

Get the data in whatever format you need – via API, spreadsheet or using our SDK.

Make changes easily

Registers are easy to update using a simple spreadsheet interface. It's easy to make sure everyone has the latest changes to your data.

Read why having autonomy over your data is important.

Keep it current

Respond when the data changes by setting up rules to handle it automatically.

Registers are easy to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline to ensure your data is always current.

Work with your community

Unleash your data lets you publish your datasets for the world to use, adapt and collaborate on.

Help the world to get the most from your work by providing rich contextual information with your Registers.

Re-use what's #open

Companies and governments are already publishing their highest quality data as Registers.

Discover and re-use data from our growing database of Open Registers.

Work together on data offers collaboration tools to support multiple data maintainers and publishers.

Empower your teams to work better together now.

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