Local Authority Eng register

Local authorities in England

Local-Authority-Eng Local-Authority-Type Name Official-Name Start-Date End-Date
The local authority's ISO 3166-2:GB code. Unique codes have been created for local authorities that don't have an existing ISO code. The unique code for the type of local government organisation. For example, county council. The commonly-used name of a record. The official or technical name of a record. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
ADU NMD Adur Adur District Council
ALL NMD Allerdale Allerdale Borough Council
AMB NMD Amber Valley Amber Valley Borough Council
ARU NMD Arun Arun District Council
ASF NMD Ashford Ashford Borough Council
ASH NMD Ashfield Ashfield District Council
AYL NMD Aylesbury Vale Aylesbury Vale District Council
BAB NMD Babergh Babergh District Council
BAE NMD Bassetlaw Bassetlaw District Council
BAI NMD Basildon Basildon Borough Council
BAN NMD Basingstoke and Deane Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
BAR NMD Barrow-in-Furness Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council
BAS UA Bath and North East Somerset Bath and North East Somerset Council 1996-04-01
BBD UA Blackburn with Darwen Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council 1998-04-01
BDF UA Bedford Bedford Borough Council 2009-04-01
BDG LBO Barking and Dagenham London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
BEN LBO Brent London Borough of Brent
BEX LBO Bexley London Borough of Bexley
BIR MD Birmingham Birmingham City Council 1986-07-01
BKM CTY Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire County Council 1905-06-19
BLA NMD Blaby Blaby District Council
BMH UA Bournemouth Bournemouth Borough Council 1905-06-19
BNE LBO Barnet London Borough of Barnet
BNH UA Brighton and Hove Brighton and Hove City Council 1905-06-19
BNS MD Barnsley Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
BOL MD Bolton Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
BOS NMD Bolsover Bolsover District Council
BOT NMD Boston Boston Borough Council
BPL UA Blackpool Blackpool Borough Council 1905-06-20
BRA NMD Braintree Braintree District Council
BRC UA Bracknell Forest Bracknell Forest Council 1998-04-01
BRD MD Bradford City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council 1974-04-01
BRE NMD Breckland Breckland District Council
BRM NMD Bromsgrove Bromsgrove District Council
BRO NMD Broadland Broadland District Council
BRT NMD Broxtowe Broxtowe Borough Council
BRW NMD Brentwood Brentwood Borough Council
BRX NMD Broxbourne Broxbourne Borough Council
BRY LBO Bromley London Borough of Bromley
BST UA City of Bristol Bristol City Council 1905-06-18
BUN NMD Burnley Burnley Borough Council
BUR MD Bury Bury Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
CAB NMD Cambridge Cambridge City Council
CAM CTY Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire County Council
CAN NMD Cannock Chase Cannock Chase District Council
CAR NMD Carlisle Carlisle City Council
CAS NMD Castle Point Castle Point Borough Council
CAT NMD Canterbury Canterbury City Council
CBF UA Central Bedfordshire Central Bedfordshire Council 2009-04-01
CHA NMD Charnwood Charnwood Borough Council
CHC NMD Christchurch Christchurch Borough Council
CHE UA Cheshire East Cheshire East Council 2009-04-01
CHI NMD Chichester Chichester District Council 1974-04-01
CHL NMD Chelmsford Chelmsford City Council
CHN NMD Chiltern Chiltern District Council
CHO NMD Chorley Chorley Borough Council
CHR NMD Cherwell Cherwell District Council
CHS NMD Chesterfield Chesterfield Borough Council
CHT NMD Cheltenham Cheltenham Borough Council
CHW UA Cheshire West and Chester Cheshire West and Chester Council 2009-04-01
CLD MD Calderdale Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
CMA CTY Cumbria Cumbria County Council
CMD LBO Camden London Borough of Camden
COL NMD Colchester Colchester Borough Council
CON UA Cornwall Cornwall Council 2009-04-01
COP NMD Copeland Copeland Borough Council
COR NMD Corby Corby Borough Council
COT NMD Cotswold Cotswold District Council
COV MD Coventry Coventry City Council 1974-04-01
CRA NMD Craven Craven District Council
CRW NMD Crawley Crawley Borough Council 1974-04-01
CRY LBO Croydon London Borough of Croydon
DAC NMD Dacorum Dacorum Borough Council
DAL UA Darlington Darlington Borough Council 1997-04-01
DAR NMD Dartford Dartford Borough Council
DAV NMD Daventry Daventry District Council
DBY CTY Derbyshire Derbyshire County Council
DEB NMD Derbyshire Dales Derbyshire Dales District Council
DER UA Derby Derby City Council
DEV CTY Devon Devon County Council
DNC MD Doncaster Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
DOR CTY Dorset Dorset County Council
DOV NMD Dover Dover District Council
DUD MD Dudley Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
DUR UA County Durham Durham County Council 2009-04-01
EAL LBO Ealing London Borough of Ealing
EAS NMD Eastbourne Eastbourne Borough Council
EAT NMD Eastleigh Eastleigh Borough Council
ECA NMD East Cambridgeshire East Cambridgeshire District Council
EDE NMD East Devon East Devon District Council
EDN NMD Eden Eden District Council
EDO NMD East Dorset East Dorset District Council
EHA NMD East Hampshire East Hampshire District Council
EHE NMD East Hertfordshire East Hertfordshire District Council
ELI NMD East Lindsey East Lindsey District Council
ELM NMD Elmbridge Elmbridge Borough Council
ENF LBO Enfield London Borough of Enfield
ENO NMD East Northamptonshire East Northamptonshire Council
EPP NMD Epping Forest Epping Forest District Council
EPS NMD Epsom and Ewell Epsom and Ewell Borough Council
ERE NMD Erewash Erewash Borough Council
ERY UA East Riding of Yorkshire East Riding of Yorkshire Council 1996-04-01
ESS CTY Essex Essex County Council
EST NMD East Staffordshire East Staffordshire Borough Council
ESX CTY East Sussex East Sussex County Council
EXE NMD Exeter Exeter City Council
FAR NMD Fareham Fareham Borough Council
FEN NMD Fenland Fenland District Council
FOE NMD Forest of Dean Forest of Dean District Council
FOR NMD Forest Heath Forest Heath District Council
FYL NMD Fylde Fylde Borough Council
GAT MD Gateshead Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
GED NMD Gedling Gedling Borough Council
GLA SRA Greater London Greater London Authority 1905-06-22
GLO NMD Gloucester Gloucester City Council
GLS CTY Gloucestershire Gloucestershire County Council
GOS NMD Gosport Gosport Borough Council
GRA NMD Gravesham Gravesham Borough Council
GRE LBO Greenwich Royal Borough of Greenwich
GRT NMD Guildford Guildford Borough Council
GRY NMD Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth Borough Council
HAA NMD Havant Havant Borough Council
HAE NMD Hambleton Hambleton District Council
HAG NMD Harrogate Harrogate Borough Council
HAL UA Halton Halton Borough Council 1998-04-01
HAM CTY Hampshire Hampshire County Council
HAO NMD Harborough Harborough District Council
HAR NMD Harlow Harlow District Council
HAS NMD Hastings Hastings Borough Council
HAT NMD Hart Hart District Council
HAV LBO Havering London Borough of Havering
HCK LBO Hackney London Borough of Hackney
HEF UA Herefordshire Herefordshire Council 1998-04-01
HER NMD Hertsmere Hertsmere Borough Council
HIG NMD High Peak High Peak Borough Council
HIL LBO Hillingdon London Borough of Hillingdon
HIN NMD Hinckley and Bosworth Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
HMF LBO Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
HNS LBO Hounslow London Borough of Hounslow
HOR NMD Horsham Horsham District Council 1974-04-01
HPL UA Hartlepool Hartlepool Borough Council 1905-06-18
HRT CTY Hertfordshire Hertfordshire County Council
HRW LBO Harrow London Borough of Harrow
HRY LBO Haringey London Borough of Haringey
HUN NMD Huntingdonshire Huntingdonshire District Council
HYN NMD Hyndburn Hyndburn Borough Council
IOS UA Isles of Scilly Council of the Isles of Scilly 1974-04-01
IOW UA Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Council 1905-06-17
IPS NMD Ipswich Ipswich Borough Council
ISL LBO Islington London Borough of Islington
KEC LBO Kensington and Chelsea Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
KEN CTY Kent Kent County Council
KET NMD Kettering Kettering Borough Council
KHL UA Kingston upon Hull Hull City Council 1996-04-01
KIN NMD King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk
KIR MD Kirklees Kirklees Council 1974-04-01
KTT LBO Kingston upon Thames Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
KWL MD Knowsley Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
LAC NMD Lancaster Lancaster City Council
LAN CTY Lancashire Lancashire County Council
LBH LBO Lambeth London Borough of Lambeth
LCE UA Leicester Leicester City Council 1905-06-19
LDS MD Leeds Leeds City Council 1905-06-08
LEC CTY Leicestershire Leicestershire County Council
LEE NMD Lewes Lewes District Council
LEW LBO Lewisham London Borough of Lewisham
LIC NMD City of Lincoln City of Lincoln Council
LIF NMD Lichfield Lichfield District Council
LIN CTY Lincolnshire Lincolnshire County Council
LIV MD Liverpool Liverpool City Council 1905-06-08
LND CC City of London City of London Corporation 1905-06-28
LUT UA Luton Luton Borough Council 1905-06-19
MAI NMD Maidstone Maidstone Borough Council
MAL NMD Maldon Maldon District Council
MAN MD Manchester Manchester City Council 1974-04-01
MAS NMD Mansfield Mansfield District Council
MAV NMD Malvern Hills Malvern Hills District Council
MDB UA Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Borough Council 1905-06-18
MDE NMD Mid Devon Mid Devon District Council
MDW UA Medway Medway Council 1998-04-01
MEL NMD Melton Melton Borough Council
MEN NMD Mendip Mendip District Council
MIK UA Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Council 1905-06-19
MOL NMD Mole Valley Mole Valley District Council
MRT LBO Merton London Borough of Merton
MSS NMD Mid Sussex Mid Sussex District Council 1974-04-01
MSU NMD Mid Suffolk Mid Suffolk District Council
NBL UA Northumberland Northumberland County Council 2009-04-01
NDE NMD North Devon North Devon District Council
NDO NMD North Dorset North Dorset District Council
NEA NMD Newark and Sherwood Newark and Sherwood District Council
NEC NMD Newcastle-under-Lyme Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
NED NMD North East Derbyshire North East Derbyshire District Council
NEL UA North East Lincolnshire North East Lincolnshire Council 1996-04-01
NET MD Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle City Council 1974-04-01
NEW NMD New Forest New Forest District Council
NFK CTY Norfolk Norfolk County Council
NGM UA Nottingham Nottingham City Council 1905-06-20
NHE NMD North Hertfordshire North Hertfordshire District Council
NKE NMD North Kesteven North Kesteven District Council
NLN UA North Lincolnshire North Lincolnshire Council 1996-04-01
NNO NMD North Norfolk North Norfolk District Council
NOR NMD Northampton Northampton Borough Council
NOW NMD Norwich Norwich City Council
NSM UA North Somerset North Somerset Council 1996-04-01
NTH CTY Northamptonshire Northamptonshire County Council
NTT CTY Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire County Council
NTY MD North Tyneside North Tyneside Council 1974-04-01
NUN NMD Nuneaton and Bedworth Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
NWA NMD North Warwickshire North Warwickshire Borough Council
NWL NMD North West Leicestershire North West Leicestershire District Council
NWM LBO Newham London Borough of Newham
NYK CTY North Yorkshire North Yorkshire County Council
OAD NMD Oadby and Wigston Oadby and Wigston Borough Council
OLD MD Oldham Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-06-07
OXF CTY Oxfordshire Oxfordshire County Council
OXO NMD Oxford Oxford City Council
PEN NMD Pendle Pendle Borough Council
PLY UA Plymouth Plymouth City Council 1998-04-01
POL UA Poole Borough of Poole 1997-04-01
POR UA Portsmouth Portsmouth City Council 1905-06-20
PRE NMD Preston Preston City Council
PTE UA Peterborough Peterborough City Council 1905-06-20
PUR NMD Purbeck Purbeck District Council
RCC UA Redcar and Cleveland Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council 1996-04-01
RCH MD Rochdale Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-05-27
RDB LBO Redbridge London Borough of Redbridge
RDG UA Reading Reading Borough Council 1905-05-27
RED NMD Redditch Redditch Borough Council
REI NMD Reigate and Banstead Reigate and Banstead Borough Council
RIB NMD Ribble Valley Ribble Valley Borough Council
RIC LBO Richmond upon Thames London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
RIH NMD Richmondshire Richmondshire District Council
ROC NMD Rochford Rochford District Council
ROH NMD Rother Rother District Council
ROS NMD Rossendale Rossendale Borough Council
ROT MD Rotherham Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-05-27
RUG NMD Rugby Rugby Borough Council
RUH NMD Rushmoor Rushmoor Borough Council
RUN NMD Runnymede Runnymede Borough Council
RUS NMD Rushcliffe Rushcliffe Borough Council
RUT UA Rutland Rutland County Council 1997-04-01
RYE NMD Ryedale Ryedale District Council
SAL NMD St Albans St Albans City and District Council
SAW MD Sandwell Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-06-07
SBU NMD South Bucks South Bucks District Council
SCA NMD South Cambridgeshire South Cambridgeshire District Council
SCE NMD Scarborough Scarborough Borough Council
SDE NMD South Derbyshire South Derbyshire District Council
SED NMD St Edmundsbury St Edmundsbury Borough Council
SEG NMD Sedgemoor Sedgemoor District Council
SEL NMD Selby Selby District Council
SEV NMD Sevenoaks Sevenoaks District Council
SFK CTY Suffolk Suffolk County Council
SFT MD Sefton Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-06-08
SGC UA South Gloucestershire South Gloucestershire Council 1905-06-18
SHA NMD South Hams South Hams District Council
SHE NMD Folkestone & Hythe Folkestone and Hythe Council
SHF MD Sheffield Sheffield City Council 1905-06-08
SHN MD St. Helens St Helens Council 1905-06-08
SHO NMD South Holland South Holland District Council
SHR UA Shropshire Shropshire Council 2009-04-01
SKE NMD South Kesteven South Kesteven District Council
SKP MD Stockport Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-05-27
SLA NMD South Lakeland South Lakeland District Council
SLF MD Salford Salford City Council 1905-05-27
SLG UA Slough Slough Borough Council 1998-04-01
SND MD Sunderland Sunderland City Council 1905-05-27
SNO NMD South Norfolk South Norfolk District Council
SNR NMD South Northamptonshire South Northamptonshire Council
SOL MD Solihull Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 1905-05-27
SOM CTY Somerset Somerset County Council
SOS UA Southend-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea Borough Council 1905-06-20
SOX NMD South Oxfordshire South Oxfordshire District Council
SPE NMD Spelthorne Spelthorne Borough Council
SRI NMD South Ribble South Ribble Borough Council
SRY CTY Surrey Surrey County Council
SSO NMD South Somerset South Somerset District Council
SST NMD South Staffordshire South Staffordshire Council
STA NMD Stafford Stafford Borough Council
STE UA Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent City Council 1905-06-20
STF NMD Staffordshire Moorlands Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
STH UA Southampton Southampton City Council 1905-06-19
STN LBO Sutton London Borough of Sutton
STO NMD Stroud Stroud District Council
STR NMD Stratford-on-Avon Stratford-on-Avon District Council
STS CTY Staffordshire Staffordshire County Council
STT UA Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council 1905-06-18
STV NMD Stevenage Stevenage Borough Council
STY MD South Tyneside South Tyneside Council 1974-04-01
SUF NMD Suffolk Coastal Suffolk Coastal District Council
SUR NMD Surrey Heath Surrey Heath Borough Council
SWD UA Swindon Swindon Borough Council 1905-06-20
SWK LBO Southwark London Borough of Southwark
SWL NMD Swale Swale Borough Council
TAM MD Tameside Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
TAN NMD Tandridge Tandridge District Council
TAU NMD Taunton Deane Taunton Deane Borough Council
TAW NMD Tamworth Tamworth Borough Council
TEI NMD Teignbridge Teignbridge District Council
TEN NMD Tendring Tendring District Council
TES NMD Test Valley Test Valley Borough Council
TEW NMD Tewkesbury Tewkesbury Borough Council
TFW UA Telford and Wrekin Telford & Wrekin Council 1905-06-20
THA NMD Thanet Thanet District Council
THE NMD Three Rivers Three Rivers District Council
THR UA Thurrock Thurrock Council 1905-06-20
TOB UA Torbay Torbay Council 1905-06-20
TON NMD Tonbridge and Malling Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
TOR NMD Torridge Torridge District Council
TRF MD Trafford Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
TUN NMD Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
TWH LBO Tower Hamlets London Borough of Tower Hamlets
UTT NMD Uttlesford Uttlesford District Council
VAL NMD Vale of White Horse Vale of White Horse District Council
WAE NMD Waverley Waverley Borough Council
WAR CTY Warwickshire Warwickshire County Council
WAT NMD Watford Watford Borough Council
WAV NMD Waveney Waveney District Council
WAW NMD Warwick Warwick District Council
WBK UA West Berkshire West Berkshire Council 1905-06-20
WDE NMD West Devon West Devon Borough Council
WDO NMD West Dorset West Dorset District Council
WEA NMD Wealden Wealden District Council
WEL NMD Wellingborough Wellingborough Borough Council
WEW NMD Welwyn Hatfield Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
WEY NMD Weymouth and Portland Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
WFT LBO Waltham Forest London Borough of Waltham Forest
WGN MD Wigan Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
WIL UA Wiltshire Wiltshire Council 2009-04-01
WIN NMD Winchester Winchester City Council
WKF MD Wakefield Wakefield Metropolitan District Council 1974-04-01
WLA NMD West Lancashire West Lancashire Borough Council
WLI NMD West Lindsey West Lindsey District Council
WLL MD Walsall Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council 1974-04-01
WLV MD Wolverhampton City of Wolverhampton Council 1974-04-01
WND LBO Wandsworth London Borough of Wandsworth
WNM UA Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead 1905-06-20
WOC NMD Worcester Worcester City Council
WOI NMD Woking Woking Borough Council
WOK UA Wokingham Wokingham Borough Council 1905-06-20
WOR CTY Worcestershire Worcestershire County Council
WOT NMD Worthing Worthing Borough Council 1905-06-25
WOX NMD West Oxfordshire West Oxfordshire District Council
WRL MD Wirral Wirral Borough Council 1974-04-01
WRT UA Warrington Warrington Borough Council 1905-06-20
WSM LBO Westminster City of Westminster
WSO NMD West Somerset West Somerset District Council
WSX CTY West Sussex West Sussex County Council
WYC NMD Wychavon Wychavon District Council
WYE NMD Wyre Forest Wyre Forest District Council
WYO NMD Wycombe Wycombe District Council
WYR NMD Wyre Wyre Borough Council
YOR UA York City of York Council 1905-06-18