Unlock the benefits of better data management for your organisation

Working better together

Supports teams to collaboratively manage authoritative sources of data.

Data owners can check and approve draft changes made by individual team members.

Make data interoperable

Interoperate by using data dictionaries and canonical code lists.

Achieve organisation-wide data governance by widely disseminating canonical lists.

Lower whole-life costs

Real-time APIs automate away costs from expensive database change requests.

Scale up your data

Most datasets can't scale beyond a handful of live uses. Registers let your data scale to thousands.

Read why traditional data management prevents data from scaling.

Security through verifiable data

Blockchain-based security makes it easy to audit your data and ensure it’s correct.

Have confidence in the safety and security of your business processes.

Standards compliant

Fully standards-compliant with the Government standard for GDS Registers.

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