Iata Region Codes Test register

Register of IATA region codes

Iata-Region-Codes-Test Region Name Date Added To This Register Date Discontinued
Region code used by IATA test Name of the region Date that the code was added to this register Date of the code changing or no longer being in use
AFR Africa 14/10/2020
CAR Caribbean Sea Countries 14/10/2020
CEM Central America 14/10/2020
EUR Europe 14/10/2020
JAK Japan and Korea 14/10/2020
MDE Middle East 14/10/2020
NOA North America 14/10/2020
SAS South Asia 14/10/2020
SCH Shengen Agreement Countries 14/10/2020
SEA South-Eastern Asia 14/10/2020
SOA South America 14/10/2020
SWP South-West Pacific 14/10/2020
TC1 IATA American Traffic Conference (includes NOA, CEM, SOA and CAR) 14/10/2020
TC2 IATA European and African Traffic Conference (includes AFR, EUR, MDE) 14/10/2020
TC3 IATA Asian Traffic Conference (includes JAK, SAS, SEA, SWP) 14/10/2020