Public Body Account Classification register

A register of the national accounting classifications that current and former public bodies can have

Public-Body-Account-Classification Name Start-Date End-Date
A national accounting classification that a public body can have. The commonly-used name of a record. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
S.11001 Public non-financial corporation
S.11003 Foreign controlled non-financial corporation
S.12 Public financial corporation
S.121 Central bank (public)
S.12201 Public deposit-taking financial corporation except the central bank
S.12301 Public money market fund
S.12401 Public non-money-market-fund investment fund
S.12501 Public other financial intermediary, except insurance corporations and pension funds
S.12601 Public financial auxilliary
S.12701 Public captive financial institution or money lender
S.12703 Foreign controlled captive financial institution or money lender
S.12801 Public insurance corporation
S.12901 Public pension fund
S.1311 Central government (excluding social security funds)
S.1313 Local government (excluding social security funds)