Statistical Geography London Borough Eng register

Statistical geography data for London boroughs in England

Statistical-Geography-London-Borough-Eng Local-Authority-Eng Start-Date End-Date
The statistical geography code for a London borough in England. The local authority's ISO 3166-2:GB code. Unique codes have been created for local authorities that don't have an existing ISO code. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
E09000001 LND 2009-01-01
E09000002 BDG 2009-01-01
E09000003 BNE 2009-01-01
E09000004 BEX 2009-01-01
E09000005 BEN 2009-01-01
E09000006 BRY 2009-01-01
E09000007 CMD 2009-01-01
E09000008 CRY 2009-01-01
E09000009 EAL 2009-01-01
E09000010 ENF 2009-01-01
E09000011 GRE 2009-01-01
E09000012 HCK 2009-01-01
E09000013 HMF 2009-01-01
E09000014 HRY 2009-01-01
E09000015 HRW 2009-01-01
E09000016 HAV 2009-01-01
E09000017 HIL 2009-01-01
E09000018 HNS 2009-01-01
E09000019 ISL 2009-01-01
E09000020 KEC 2009-01-01
E09000021 KTT 2009-01-01
E09000022 LBH 2009-01-01
E09000023 LEW 2009-01-01
E09000024 MRT 2009-01-01
E09000025 NWM 2009-01-01
E09000026 RDB 2009-01-01
E09000027 RIC 2009-01-01
E09000028 SWK 2009-01-01
E09000029 STN 2009-01-01
E09000030 TWH 2009-01-01
E09000031 WFT 2009-01-01
E09000032 WND 2009-01-01
E09000033 WSM 2009-01-01