Statistical Geography Local Government District Nir register

Statistical geography data for local government districts in Northern Ireland

Statistical-Geography-Local-Government-District-Nir Local-Authority-Nir Start-Date End-Date
The statistical geography code for a local government district in Northern Ireland. The unique code for a local authority in Northern Ireland. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
N09000001 ANN 2015-04-01
N09000002 ABC 2015-04-01
N09000003 BFS 2015-04-01
N09000004 CCG 2015-04-01
N09000005 DRS 2015-04-01
N09000006 FMO 2015-04-01
N09000007 LBC 2015-04-01
N09000008 MEA 2015-04-01
N09000009 MUL 2015-04-01
N09000010 NMD 2015-04-01
N09000011 AND 2015-04-01