Qualification Type register

Types of qualification regulated by Ofqual

Qualification-Type Name Start-Date End-Date
The unique code for a type of qualification regulated by Ofqual. The commonly-used name of a record. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
AdvancedExtensionAward Advanced Extension Award
BasicSkills Basic Skills 2017-08-04
EndPointAssessment End-Point Assessment 2017-07-21
EnglishOtherLanguages English For Speakers of Other Languages
EntryLevel Entry Level
FreeStandingMathematicsQualification Free Standing Mathematics Qualification
FunctionalSkillsNqf Functional Skills
FunctionalSkillsQcf Functional Skills (QCF) 2016-06-29
GceALevel GCE A Level
GceAsLevel GCE AS Level
Gcse9To1 GCSE (9 to 1)
GeneralCertificateSecondaryEducation GCSE (A* to G)
GeneralNvq General National Vocational Qualification 2017-08-04
HigherLevel Higher Level
KeySkills Key Skills 2017-08-04
NotApplicable Not Applicable
Nvq National Vocational Qualification
OccupationalQualification Occupational Qualification
OtherGeneralQualification Other General Qualification
PrincipalLearning Principal Learning 2017-08-04
Project Project
QcfQualification QCF 2016-06-29
VocationalCertificate Vocational Certificate Of Education 2017-08-04
VocationalCertificateAdvanced VCE Advanced Subsidiary Level 2017-08-04
VocationalQualification Vocationally-Related Qualification