Ddat Profession Capability Framework Role Level register

Levels associated with each role within the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework

Ddat-Profession-Capability-Framework-Role-Level Name Start-Date End-Date
The unique code for the levels associated with each role in the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework. The commonly-used name of a record. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
1101 QAT analyst
1102 Tester (QAT)
1103 Lead test engineer
1104 Senior test engineer
1105 Test engineer
1106 Tester (test engineer)
1107 Head of data engineering
1108 Lead data engineer
1109 Data engineer
1110 Head of data science
1111 Senior data scientist
1112 Data scientist
1113 Junior data scientist
1114 Trainee data scientist
1115 Head of performance analysis
1116 Lead performance analyst
1117 Senior performance analyst
1118 Performance analyst
1119 Associate performance analyst
1120 Head of content design
1121 Lead content designer
1122 Senior content designer
1123 Content designer
1124 Junior content designer
1125 Associate content designer
1126 Lead technical writer
1127 Technical writer
1128 Content strategist
1129 Head of graphic design
1130 Lead graphic designer
1131 Senior graphic designer
1132 Graphic designer
1133 Junior graphic designer
1134 Associate graphic designer
1135 Head of interaction design
1136 Lead interaction designer
1137 Senior interaction designer
1138 Interaction designer
1139 Junior interaction designer
1140 Associate interaction designer
1141 Head of service design
1142 Lead service design
1143 Senior service designer
1144 Service designer
1145 Junior service designer
1146 Associate service designer
1147 Head of user research
1148 Lead user researcher
1149 Senior user researcher
1150 User researcher
1151 Junior user researcher
1152 Associate user researcher
1153 Senior data engineer