Country register

British English names and descriptive terms for countries as recognised by the UK government

Country Name Official-Name Citizen-Names Start-Date End-Date
The country's 2-letter ISO 3166-2 alpha2 code. The commonly-used name of a record. The official or technical name of a record. The name of a country's citizens. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
LI Liechtenstein The Principality of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein citizen
LK Sri Lanka The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Citizen of Sri Lanka
LR Liberia The Republic of Liberia Liberian
LS Lesotho The Kingdom of Lesotho Citizen of Lesotho
LT Lithuania The Republic of Lithuania Lithuanian 1990-03-11
LU Luxembourg The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Luxembourger
LV Latvia The Republic of Latvia Latvian 1990-05-04
LY Libya Libya Libyan
MA Morocco The Kingdom of Morocco Moroccan
MC Monaco The Principality of Monaco Monegasque
MD Moldova The Republic of Moldova Moldovan 1991-08-27
ME Montenegro Montenegro Montenegrin
MG Madagascar The Republic of Madagascar Citizen of Madagascar
MH Marshall Islands The Republic of the Marshall Islands Marshall Islander 1986-10-21
MK Macedonia The Republic of Macedonia Macedonian 1991-09-08
ML Mali The Republic of Mali Malian
MM Burma The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Burmese
MN Mongolia Mongolia Mongolian
MR Mauritania The Islamic Republic of Mauritania Mauritanian
MT Malta The Republic of Malta Maltese
MU Mauritius The Republic of Mauritius Mauritian
MV Maldives The Republic of Maldives Maldivian
MW Malawi The Republic of Malawi Malawian
MX Mexico The United Mexican States Mexican
MY Malaysia Malaysia Citizen of Malaysia
MZ Mozambique The Republic of Mozambique Mozambican 1975-06-25
NA Namibia The Republic of Namibia Namibian 1980-03-21
NE Niger The Republic of Niger Citizen of Niger
NG Nigeria The Federal Republic of Nigeria Nigerian
NI Nicaragua The Republic of Nicaragua Nicaraguan
NL Netherlands The Kingdom of the Netherlands Dutch citizen;Dutchman;Dutchwoman
NO Norway The Kingdom of Norway Norwegian
NP Nepal The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Nepalese
NR Nauru The Republic of Nauru Nauruan
NZ New Zealand New Zealand New Zealander
OM Oman The Sultanate of Oman Omani
PA Panama The Republic of Panama Panamanian
PE Peru The Republic of Peru Peruvian
PG Papua New Guinea The Independent State of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean 1975-09-16
PH Philippines The Republic of the Philippines Filipino;Filipina
PK Pakistan The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistani
PL Poland The Republic of Poland Pole
PT Portugal The Portuguese Republic Portuguese
PW Palau The Republic of Palau Palauan 1994-10-01
PY Paraguay The Republic of Paraguay Paraguayan
QA Qatar The State of Qatar Qatari
RO Romania Romania Romanian
RS Serbia The Republic of Serbia Serbian
RU Russia The Russian Federation Russian 1991-12-25
RW Rwanda The Republic of Rwanda Rwandan
SA Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian
SB Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Solomon Islander 1978-07-07
SC Seychelles The Republic of Seychelles Citizen of Seychelles 1976-06-29
SD Sudan The Republic of the Sudan Sudanese
SE Sweden The Kingdom of Sweden Swede
SG Singapore The Republic of Singapore Singaporean
SI Slovenia The Republic of Slovenia Slovene 1991-06-25
SK Slovakia The Slovak Republic Slovak 1993-01-01
SL Sierra Leone The Republic of Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean
SM San Marino The Republic of San Marino Citizen of San Marino
SN Senegal The Republic of Senegal Senegalese
SO Somalia Federal Republic of Somalia Somali
SR Suriname The Republic of Suriname Surinamer 1975-11-25
SS South Sudan The Republic of South Sudan South Sudanese 2011-07-09
ST Sao Tome and Principe The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe Citizen of Sao Tome and Principe 1975-07-12
SU USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Soviet citizen 1991-12-25
SV El Salvador The Republic of El Salvador Salvadorean
SY Syria The Syrian Arab Republic Syrian
SZ Eswatini Kingdom of Eswatini Swazi
TD Chad The Republic of Chad Chadian
TG Togo The Togolese Republic Togolese
TH Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand Thai
TJ Tajikistan The Republic of Tajikistan Tajik 1991-09-09
TL East Timor The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste East Timorese
TM Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmen 1991-10-27
TN Tunisia The Tunisian Republic Tunisian
TO Tonga The Kingdom of Tonga Tongan
TR Turkey The Republic of Turkey Turk
TT Trinidad and Tobago The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago citizen
TV Tuvalu Tuvalu Tuvaluan 1978-10-01
TZ Tanzania The United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian
UA Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian 1991-08-24
UG Uganda The Republic of Uganda Ugandan
US United States The United States of America United States citizen
UY Uruguay The Oriental Republic of Uruguay Uruguayan
UZ Uzbekistan The Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbek 1991-09-01
VA Vatican City Vatican City State Vatican citizen
VC St Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vincentian 1979-10-27
VE Venezuela The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Venezuelan
VN Vietnam The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnamese
VU Vanuatu The Republic of Vanuatu Citizen of Vanuatu 1980-07-30
WS Samoa The Independent State of Samoa Samoan
XK Kosovo The Republic of Kosovo Kosovan
YE Yemen The Republic of Yemen Yemeni 1990-05-22
YU Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavian 1992-04-28
ZA South Africa The Republic of South Africa South African
ZM Zambia The Republic of Zambia Zambian
ZW Zimbabwe The Republic of Zimbabwe Zimbabwean 1980-04-18