Using the Registers API

You can download and use the items in this Register from the terminal by using the command-line tools.

  1. Get a copy of the orc tool by following the instructions on GitHub.

  2. Save a live copy of this Register:


  3. Use orc to use the data from the Register and keep it up to date:

    $ orc ls allergen.rsf user

    You can read more about how to use the command-line tool on GitHub.

Allergen register

Food allergens as recognised by the Food Standards Agency

Allergen Name Allergen-Group Start-Date End-Date
The unique code for a food allergen as recognised by the Food Standards Agency. The commonly-used name of a record. The unique code for a group of allegens as recognised by the Food Standards Agency. For example, almond and cashew are part of the nuts allergen group. The date a record first became relevant to a register. The date a record stopped being applicable.
11 Celery
12 Crustaceans
13 Egg
14 Fish
15 Gluten
16 Barley 15
17 Oats 15
18 Rye 15
19 Wheat 15
20 Lupin
21 Milk
22 Molluscs
23 Mustard
24 Nuts
25 Almond 24
26 Brazil nut 24
27 Cashew 24
28 Hazelnut 24
29 Macadamia nut 24
30 Pecan nut 24
31 Pistachio nut 24
32 Walnut 24
33 Peanuts
34 Sesame
35 Soya
36 Sulphur dioxide and/or sulphites